At Frantiques, we have a collection of everything and anything that is old, curious or useful. Our ever-growing range of trinkets is constantly changing so you’ll always find something new with every visit. We share a collective knowledge of everything in the store and will be able to show you the perfect product to suit your needs.

Even if you are just browsing with no particular interest in specifics, you can be sure that you’ll find something interesting to tickle your fancy at Frantiques.

From China to furniture, military relics to paintings, we have a little bit of everything.

Frantiques is situated in the quiet business park in Torry, Aberdeen where free parking is available right outside the shop. Come and have a look around, we are sure that you will find something of interest in our vast showroom.

Local deliveries and postage is available on request but may be subject to a delivery fee.



Frances Brown, Owner of Frantiques, takes great pride in having an incredible collection of interesting artifacts and relics. With help from her husband who shared her passion, they began collecting antiques over 30 years ago. She was inspired by her mother and grandmother who, like her, were fond collectors of old memorabilia. Over 3 decades later, her collection had expanded into an assortment of great value.

Frances has always had an ambition to create her own antiques shop. After the oil crises, she went from IT Equipment Specialist to Antiques Business Owner without a seconds hesitation.  On September 2016, her dream became a reality as Frantiques was born. She’s also a member of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses).